Our mission is to solve intractable sustainable energy problems by creating unprecedented materials for industrial clients who depend on advanced material solutions for their high-end applications.


Our vision is to become a trusted partner and the de facto standard for the innovation of advanced materials. This will be realized by developing and exploiting a design engine called GENESIS that will encompass the ultimate in deep tech, high-throughput computing and AI. This novel technology platform will dramatically accelerate the conception, design and creation of completely new materials to enable our customers to rapidly realize and exploit high-end application specific materials.


MIMSI Materials AB is a company that designs and produces high performance thin film and coating materials for industrial clients in different verticals using a proprietary method based on Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD). This patented technique can access entirely new material properties at the macroscopic scale by configuring matter at the nanoscale to assemble functional-rich mesoscale architectures. This is achieved by utilizing two or more material sources to control multi-atomic vapor generation with high temporal (microsecond) and spatial precision. Our unique selling point is our ability to exploit this symbiotic relationship between the nano, meso and macroscopic scales for directed material discovery, enabling industrial customers to transform possibilities into reality.


Sankara Pillay, Founder and CEO

Kostas Sarakinos, Founder and CSO

Mattias Samuelsson, Founder and COO

Viktor Elofsson, Founder and CTO

Rickard Gunnarsson, R&D Engineer

Javier BareƱo, Scientific Advisor