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MIMSI-Ag unveiled

Modern windows rely on low-emissivity (low-e) coatings to reduce energy losses through the glazing while still being transparent to the human eye. Such a coating consists of several different layers of material, wherein its functionality is enabled by the use of a thin silver layer. Through years of dedicated research, MIMSI Materials has created a high performance silver alloy to replace state-of-the-art silver layers, unlocking new technological possibilities within the low-e coating market.

Our Benefits

Optical Properties

Thin silver layers are a critical component of modern  low-e window coatings. This state-of-the-art solution has been the de facto standard for decades, due to its neutral color appearance and favorable visible light transmittance. MIMSI-Ag is a unique thin film material with tunable optical properties superior to silver. It offers new possibilities for designing low-e coatings with increased solar heat gain, which makes it possible to meet and exceed increasing energy standards. 

Electrical Properties

Owing to their best-in-class conductivity, thin silver layers maximize the amount of radiant heat that can be reflected from a low-e coated glazing. A remarkable feature of MIMSI-Ag is that it exhibits a higher conductivity than silver, surpassing industry best practice by further increasing infrared reflectivity.


Silver thin films have poor mechanical resilience and chemical resistance. Being an alloy, MIMSI-Ag is inherently more durable and provides coated glass manufacturers opportunities to reduce fabrication costs and increase product lifetime.

Industrial Compatibility

MIMSI-Ag is a drop-in solution, deposited in nanometer thin layers from an alloy source material by magnetron sputtering.