Material Innovations

for a Sustainable World

Our Mission

We are a knowledge creation company in the field of innovative nanomaterials. Our first mission is to commercialize a high-performance material we have developed which enables a highly-transparent, energy-efficient and cost-effective window glass.

Changing the way we see the world

The MIMSI Technology

Windows connect us to the outside world and provide natural light. However, there is a trade-off between the visible transparency of state-of-the-art coated glass and its energy performance. Our breakthrough, transparent alloy material makes both possible.

Sustainability as clear as glass

Our Impact

Buildings are a substantial consumer of energy. While daylight is crucial for our well-being, modern windows are the weakest component of a building in terms of energy efficiency and attendant CO2 emissions. Our innovation contributes towards a more harmonious balance between natural light and energy use for living and working spaces.

Our Team

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We are an international team of nanotechnology experts and sustainability-minded business professionals, based in Sweden.

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